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Billy Coane has been a professional Musician and Educator in the Los Angeles area for over 25 years.  He can help you.

Billy has worked as a musician/vocalist/composer/educator for:  

DORITOS, AIRWALK Shoes, UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, The ROSEY O'DONNELL Show, DICK DALE and the DELL TONES, SONY Records, A&M Records, RHINO Records, SLAMSTONE Records, PERRIS Records, RICHSHAW Records, SABAN Entertainment (Power Rangers), Governor GRAY DAVIS & DANNY GLOVER (Dr. Seuss CD), Mayor ANTONIO VILLA RAIGOSA (Gala Fund Raiser), the Los Angeles Unified School District (Teacher), and PAUL LAVERACK Productions (Independent film score WAYCROSS), and more; Billy has worked with Platinum Producers John Henning, Brian Levi, and more...


In the Future:

BOOKS:  Billy Coane Guitar Books 1 & 2,

                 Children's Book 1 (B&A),  

                 Rings of Saturn Scrapbook  

MERCHANDISE: Posters, T-Shirts, Hats, Mugs, Flyers,   

Billy's acoustic guitars

Books/Merchandise (available in the future)