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"I like working with Billy in the studio because he's a versatile guitarist and keyboardist.  He plays many styles very well--and he's fun to hang with!"--Brian Levi, Engineer/Producer (Dwight Yoakam, No Doubt)  

"Billy is a great studio and live vocalist with perfect pitch, and a big range.  He's my go to guy for lead and backing vocals when I need to record."  

--John Henning, Engineer/Producer (REO Speedwagon, Dan Fogelberg)


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NEW RNGS OF SATURN CD Available Now on Eonian Records

14 songs from the 1988-1991 era of the legendary Hollywood rock band including Billy Coane (Lead Vocals, Guitar, & Keyboards), Eric Swanson (Bass & Backing Vocals), Marz Tercero (Drums & backing vocals), Scott Swan (Bass & backing vocals), and David Adjian (Guitar). ORDER IT NOW at . Release Date: August 27th, 2021





Get these other Blly Coane CDs: Stay with You and Blue for You! 

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